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40GP Disposable Gloves ship once again


Today, our factory delivery a 40GP disposable glove to Japan again. The customer ordered this HDPE gloves 10 days ago, and the customer is in urgently need these disposable gloves. So our factory workers worked very hard with ensuring the quality and quantity without affecting other orders and finish them on time!Recently we almost delivery one 40GP  disposable gloves every day , sometimes even two 40GP one day.

Our factory export disposable gloves business develop rapidly in these two years.Remenber that we only do the domestic trade two years just mainly corperate with the foreign trade company.However,in these two years,we start to set the bussiness in exporting ,now the situation is a new foreign customers is easily become a stable old customer, because of our reliable quality, good service, and the price is much cheaper than the foreign trade company, so the export business is getting better and better!

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