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China Large Hotel Use Garbage Bags Factory


China Large Hotel Use Garbage Bags Factory

Less hot, oily food in plastic bags. Of course, one way to reduce the risk is to avoid using plastic bags to contain overheated or greasy foods, if you're not sure they're safe. Lu sihao, an expert, said that unsafe plastic bags mainly contain dyes, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Oily food such as meat, fish, youtiao containing grease is a kind of solvent, it can make plastic bag harmful substances precipitation; And high temperature can make plastic soften, can also promote harmful material precipitation, lead to poisoning. Therefore, it is relatively safe to pack vegetables or frozen food at room temperature. Of course, we should try not to use plastic bags for food. You can take a basket or cloth bag with you when you buy food. When you have to use it, you should take out the food in the plastic bag as soon as possible after you go home.

Waste plastic landfill will not only occupy a lot of land, and the occupied land can not recover for a long time, affecting the sustainable use of land. Waste plastics that go into household waste can take up to 200 years to degrade if they are buried in landfills. What's more, using oil as raw material, plastic bags not only consume a lot of resources, but also can't be decomposed. Burying them underground will pollute the land and rivers.

Plastic bags themselves will release harmful gases, especially cooked food, packaged in plastic bags, often spoiled, spoiled food on children's health and development is particularly prominent.

1. When it comes to recycling waste plastic, sorting is difficult and economically uneconomical.

2. Plastics burn easily and produce poisonous gas when burned. For example, polystyrene combustion produces toluene, a small amount of this material can lead to blindness, inhalation of vomiting and other symptoms, PVC combustion will also produce hydrogen chloride toxic gas, in addition to combustion, is the high temperature environment, will lead to plastic decomposition of toxic components, such as benzene ring.

Plastics are made from petroleum refining products and petroleum resources are limited.

Plastic doesn't break down naturally.

5. Poor heat resistance of plastic, easy to aging.

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