Food Grade Disposable PE gloves


Food grade disposable gloves are made of non-toxic polyethylene (PE) by hot pressing, which is loaded with clear water and dripping water without leakage. The protective performance of the product is * ideal. With low cost, no need to clean and disinfect, easy to use, price concessions, can be customized according to customer requirements, food and beverage, duck neck, pastry baking, beauty mask, crayfish, sauce skeleton, kneading, vegetable cutting, dental, hair dyeing, sanitary cleaning, decoration and painting, laboratories, chemical plants, high-end restaurants, housework, health Raw cleaning, decoration painting, crayfish, food, household, kneading, vegetable cutting, dentistry, hair dyeing, hygiene and cleaning

[Manufacturer advantage]

First, we are a regular food-grade disposable gloves manufacturer, three packages of services, after-sales security.

2. 100% pure new material production, health and safety

3. Dust-free workshop production, processing, packaging, to eliminate pollution

Fourth, the third party product qualification inspection report can be provided.

5. Complete qualifications to meet food-grade safety and hygiene requirements

Sixth, mass production, full automatic production, computer points, full weight

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