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PE gloves for once


Lidi transparent disposable PE gloves use new PE polyethylene as raw material, casting process, odorless, breathable effect is good. Horizontal and vertical are in line with industry standards. Disposable PE gloves are hygienic, non-toxic, odorless, sufficient in number, with good openings, anti-slip embossing, waterproof and oil-proof functions.

The embossed pockmarked PE gloves are made of new material PE. It shows that after embossing, the gloves are anti-adhesion, anti-skid, convenient to use, excellent oil-proof effect, flexible, tough, water-proof, oil-proof and anti-fouling, and can effectively protect skin. It is universal for men and women. It is suitable for all kinds of hand types. It has anti-static performance, quality assurance and low price.

Disposable PE gloves are easy to use and wear. Disposable PE gloves are suitable for food processing, kitchen cooking, restaurants, camping picnic barbecue, hairdressing, housework, home cleaning, nursing inspection, personal hygiene protection and other industries.

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