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What are the steps for customizing plastic bags?


1. Choose suitable manufacturers of plastic food packaging bags.

The state now has strict control over food safety, and products produced by unqualified manufacturers are absolutely not allowed to be marketed. If you have very good products, but because of the selection of packaging bags produced by unqualified packaging manufacturers, then, even your products, will be judged as substandard products by the quality department, which is a huge loss for the enterprise. At the same time, because some small enterprises do not have qualifications, encounter safety and environmental protection inspection and so on, they can not produce, which leads to no guarantee of your delivery time, very delayed, so we must first select qualified manufacturers.

2. Discuss the characteristics of products and determine the design scheme.

When communicating product design with designers of food packaging manufacturers, food enterprises should fully provide product information, describe the characteristics of products as detailed as possible, and most importantly, tell designers what they want to achieve and what effect they want to achieve. The fuller the pre-communication, the more detailed the information provided, the more conducive to the design of food packaging bags in line with the expectations of food enterprises.

It is important to note that in the design of packaging scheme, if there are relevant contents in product packaging, enterprises need to provide copies of product registered trademark certificate, patent certificate, bar code certificate and power of attorney with official seal. These materials are best prepared in advance, to avoid the designer's hard work to design the program, but also because of incomplete information and have to modify the program, delaying the time of both sides.

3. Finalization of the design scheme.

Finalization is very important for the design of food packaging bags. It shows that both food enterprises and food packaging enterprises agree with the plan, food enterprises are satisfied with the pattern and style, food packaging enterprises have sufficient raw materials and no technical difficulties. Only when the result that both sides have no objection is reached, the real finalization is achieved. Designer and enterprise's joint efforts and hard work at this time finally have the harvest.

4. Platemaking.

The food packaging manufacturer will submit the designed plan to the plate making company for plate making. The process will take about 5-6 days according to different conditions.

4. Proofing.

When plate making is completed, a template will be printed. At this time, food enterprises and food packaging manufacturers need to confirm it together. This step is also very important. Once confirmed, it can not be modified.

Printing, Composite and Bagging

6. Inspection.

Every batch of products will be strictly inspected when they are produced. Inspectors will be on duty with certificates. Under the condition of guaranteeing the quality of products, they will never be inferior, nor will they send unqualified food bags to customers.

Packing and delivery.

Strong and tidy packaging, a lot of quantity, rapid delivery, this is the most basic commitment of Zhicheng packaging to customers.

Customization of custom-made plastic packaging bags is basically the above steps, each step is linked. In order to save time and improve efficiency, it is best to customize perfect plastic packaging bags with the most economical cost. It is best to follow the above steps to prepare the relevant information of your products in advance, and more and more plastic. Material packaging bag manufacturers to communicate.

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