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Plastic bags have brought convenience to people's life, but the temporary convenience has brought long-term harm.

The recycling value of plastic bags is relatively low. In addition to visual pollution caused by scattering in urban streets, tourist areas, water bodies, roads and railways, there are also potential hazards. Plastic structure is stable, not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, in the natural environment for a long time not separated. This means that waste plastic waste, if not recycled, will become pollutants in the environment for a long time and continue to accumulate, will cause great harm to the environment.

According to statistics, the world USES 260 million tons of plastic every year, of which 170 million tons are disposable.

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Fold and store fruit

Vegetables and fruits are stored in plastic bags, which is a scientific preservation method commonly used in winter. The principle is to reduce the concentration of oxygen, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, fruits and vegetables in a dormant state, prolong the storage period. However, the storage time should not be too long.

Because vegetables and fruits are organic food, they contain high water content (60~95%), water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. Strong respiratory activity continued throughout the storage period. Under normal circumstances, every 10℃ increase in respiratory intensity doubles. Under the condition of oxygen, sugars or other organic substances in fruits and vegetables are oxidized and decomposed, producing carbon dioxide and water, and releasing a large amount of ripening; In anoxic condition, saccharide cannot oxidize, can decompose to produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, and give off a little heat.

But carbon dioxide cannot rise indefinitely, only by 10%, and oxygen cannot fall by more than 5%, otherwise more nutrients must be broken down during hypoxia in order to get enough energy for life. At the same time, because the alcohol produced by anoxic respiration remains in the fruit, the fruit will cause decay and deterioration, so the fruit and vegetable put in plastic bag storage time should not be too long.

To store fruits and vegetables in plastic bags, it is best to open the mouth of plastic bags every 2 to 3 days to release carbon dioxide and heat, and then tie up the mouth, so as to reduce the occurrence of deterioration.

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